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Get instant notifications to the channel or channels of your choice for Snowflake Tasks and Pipe failures. Create your own custom monitors or grab them from our open-source repository. is highly configurable so you can start taking control of your Snowflake instance or instances today!


Roadmap & Discussions

We are developing a roadmap for the product which you can make suggestions and recommendations to at any time.

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Open Source Monitors

We have created an open source repository where we are adding our monitors to which can be integrated and run on a schedule to check critical and potential time and costly actions so you know there is a potential problem or blow out of cost before end users or managers know. There are potential unlimited possibilities of what you need to monitor.

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dbt Materializations

Our partners @ Data Engineers Ltd have extended their awesome custom dbt Core Snowflake materializations to include materializing custom monitors, so you can easily develop and deploy them to your Snowflake Data Cloud, whether your business is an existing dbt Core or not. Super easy, super helpful!

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Welcome to MONITORIAL.IO is all about organizations and data teams taking control of their Snowflake Data Cloud platforms. Owning what you build is one of the most critical capabilities of the modern data engineering team.

Data pipeline failures, cost avoidance, administration and security vulnerabilities and performance smells, the list of things you might want to monitor is endless and will continue to grow as Snowflake continues to release new features. Having a configurable service that utilizes omni-channel notifications is the key ingredient to avoiding, what we call 'The Dreaded Feedback' (TDF).

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Why MONITORIAL.IO? is the anti-TDF service that allows data teams to start taking control


  • No external access required
  • Push only notifications
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple Classifications
  • Push to multiple Destinations

Integrated with

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • AWS Cloud Watch
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Splunk
  • AWS S3 Buckets
  • Azure Blob Storage

Monitors Available

  • Long running queries
  • Failed logins
  • Failed Tasks
  • Failed Pipes
  • Stale Streams
  • Snowflake Security Checklist
  • Data Quality

Receive Messages From

  • Snowflake External Functions
  • Snowflake Email Notifications
  • Snowflake Error Notifications
  • Dedicated Webhook
  • Email